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Tony Sanders, Game Tester/Geek/ Regular Guy

Dear Dateless Friend,

Are you tired?

Tired of being alone...

Dreaming of a day when it'll all be different. A day when you're dating gorgeous women... and having real sex with them, not some cyber simulation?

The day when you'll actually be happy?

Are you tired of your social life consisting of women you fantasize about, most of whom don't even know you're alive. And the ones who do, don't even give you the time of day.

Girls you would die to be kissing... holding... making love to.

But to them, you're invisible.

That's the way it used to be for Ben.

You can be just like Ben. You really can.

But first... I need you to recall something for me.

A feeling. One I'm sure you've felt before.

It's that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach whenever you even try to talk to a beautiful woman. That dread as you approach her... that queasiness as she rejects you.

The feeling of failure you get when you strike out yet again.

Because I'm about to introduce you to the one proven dating program designed for the real guy like you.

The step-by-step system that's like strapping a jetpack onto your social life...

No... it's not a guide for those metrosexual primpers with highlights in their hair, spray-on tans and six-pack abs...

And not a guide that teaches Neanderthals how to mess with a girl's mind and self-esteem, in order to get laid.

If you're looking for a guide like that then look somewhere else. But before you do let me make this clear...

They're a waste of money and time... and frankly...

I think some of what's in those books is borderline date rape anyway. You don't want any part of that.

You want to be able to sleep at night too. You want to be able to look in the mirror and not hate the person you've become.

Here's good news for you...

It doesn't have to be that way.

Because... I've developed a simple step-by-step system that is guaranteed to turn the dorkiest of dorks... the geekiest of geeks... the averagist of average Joes... into bone fide babe magnets.

I'm not kidding!

I have a system unlike any other you've seen.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let me back up for a second to say hello.

Hi... I'm Tony Sanders.

Unless you're a serious online gamer, you probably have no idea who I am. That's fine. It doesn't matter if you know me or not.

I need you to understand though that most women haven't a clue who I am. They're not into the whole gaming thing as much as guys are.

The reason I need you to understand this is to prove my success with women has nothing to do with any sort of “fame” or “celebrity” status... as small as that could even be in my case.

No... as far as pretty much every woman out there is concerned, I'm just an average guy. Actually...

I'll go a bit further and say I'm a little below average. Take another look at that picture a couple screens back...

What you can't see in the picture is the paunchy belly... the fact that I burn after 3 nano-seconds in the sun... and that whenever I used to try to just talk to girls my entire head would turn beet red and I would sweat profusely.

My college buddies used to say my head could help guide any ship through a foggy night...

And they'd call the sweat stain down the middle of my back, “The Nile.”

Not a pretty picture... LITERALLY.

In fact...

I was so alone... so dateless in my early 20s I became the “Would ya mind...” and “Could you please...” guy for the neighborhood.

I'd get those annoying Friday and Saturday night calls...

At first I was like... “Why me? What is it about my personality that makes people expect I would even agree to this?”

Then it hit me like a bucket of rocks...

There's no personality trait that puts me in this position. The reason they all asked me was simple...

They all knew I wouldn't be busy.

Yep... I had the unenviable reputation as the dude who is always home alone on Friday and Saturday nights.

It pissed me off to know that...

Even as I was becoming well-known in the gaming community... known online as a pretty cool dude... A “go to guy” in my niche...

I had no social life at all.




The combination to the safe that contains the truth about how women think... how they feel... and how to honestly and ethically push their buttons.

Unlike the so-called pick up artist garbage you see on the web, my program contains no bogus mind control...

No tricking girls into submitting to you.


No disrespect to women at all.

You see, this is what makes my discovery so unique.
It's a real way to get get beautiful, desirable women to truly fall for you..

Even if you're not great looking... don't have any money... and otherwise would be considered undateable.

You want short term success (conversation, dates, sex), you got it.

You want long term success (engagement, marriage, family)... you got that too.

And never use questionable tactics to achieve it.

Dates? Sex? Love? It's All Yours.

Just my simple, quick and easy system that gets you...

The same women the rich jerks get, but do it without being rich... or being a jerk.

The same girls the muscled-up juiceheads get, but do it without acting like those morons do.

Yes, you really can...

Easily and comfortably hold a conversation with any woman... Better than that, you'll control the conversation. Imagine... sexy, crazy-hot girls hanging on your every word.
Instantly persuade girls who are friends to bump you up to “friends with benefits” status. Then quickly get yourself to the very top of her “To Do” list. Now you're calling the shots.
Simply change your way of thinking... and even if you do nothing else... you still double... triple or quadruple your chances of leaving a club with the hottest women on your arm.
Impress females at every turn... even if you're completely unimpressive to them now. Learn this one secret and you rocket your sex life into the stratosphere.
Get girls who wouldn't talk to you before, to now beg you for your attention. This one gets a little dangerous. I ask that you don't use the power to get revenge on them. Don't be a jerk.

And so much more. Because I'm really just scratching the surface here...

I'll get more into the specifics of the program in just a second... but first I need to tell you how I made this awesome discovery.

How I learned the age-old secrets to the female mind, and changed my life from hopeless to hope-filled...

And changed myself from dateless to a guy who now can't help attracting women...

Seriously... hot, sexy (and yeah, horny) women seem to seek me out like moths seek out patio light bulbs...

Like ants seek out picnics.

How I was able to turn myself into a man who is sought out daily by pageant-quality females...

Just Take Your Pick...

This is probably the best story of all, becauseI'm not a great looking guy...

I wasn't blessed with an out-going personality...

And... I don't have a psychology degree... no PHD in feminine studies.

In fact, my success had nothing to do with formal education at all...

But wait. While you're here...


Now where was I... Oh yes, remember earlier I said I became pretty well-known in gaming circles as a guru of sorts...

I wrote books on how to win at games.

How to find secrets in the games...

I created special “walkthrus” that show gamers how to literally walk, step by step through a game to uncover all that game has to offer

And I didn't do this once... I did it over and over again. I “cracked the code” to numerous online games.

Then... one day I'm pondering my existence (and my lack of a social life) and I realize...

Why then can't I bring my skills to the most important game in the world?

The answer was clear...

There was no reason my system for cracking uber games like World of Warcraft, Resident Evil and Farmville... couldn't be refocused onto the dating game.


I did what I do...

I put in hundreds of hours studying the rules... the structure and the architecture of the game...

Hundreds of hours of trial and error learning from the best players...

Oh... btw...

You heard me right...WOMEN.

You see...they invented the game. Who else would know better how to beat it?

So... I spent months... actually nearly two years examining women. How they play the game... And exactly what you have to do in order for her to drop her defenses and

This is important, so I'll repeat it.

How easily you can achieve that blew my mind. And that wasn't all.

Imagine how much different your social life will be, when you employ just some of these secrets.

That's not a casual thing for me to say. I sincerely want you to imagine your new life...

No more will you have to wonder how to talk to a woman. You now know how to control the conversation from beginning to end.

When done the right way this is something women love. When done wrong... it turns them off completely.

I'll show you exactly how to do it right every time.

Now... the new you... with your new mindset must prepare for never being without a date, unless you want to be alone.

And trust me... at some point you'll want to be alone...

I know that seems far fetched from where you're standing now but trust me... after a few months of women chasing you, you will need a break.

This is real...and I'm living proof.

But I'm not the only one...

Yes... with my easy to follow turn-by-turn system I take you through real world scenarios to ensure you make all the right moves every time. The confidence this gives you is something you can't imagine until you achieve it.

And let me tell you...

Let's be clear... I said, confident, not cocky.

That's a big distinction.

Confident is a man who knows what he wants... knows how to attain it... and does that with a straight back and a steady eye...

Cocky... are the posers who follow scripts on how to “pretend” to be an alpha dog. Losers trying to trick women into bed.

But you don't need tricks...

You've got a proven, working system.

Now imagine what all those other guys will say when their girls are now interested in you...

What they will think asthey see the hotties leaving with you.

Yes... life changing for sure.

Only when you don't know how to play.
Heck... most guys don't even know there is a game. It's no wonder they can't play it to win.

But here's the little hidden secret to the game...

Women are biologically... sociologically... and psychologically rooting for you to win!

No joke.

Deep down, every woman is dying to find a guy to win the game.

Winning Is Easy When You Take Control

And how does she reward the winner? Aaah... that's the stuff that Penthouse Letters are written about.

I'm telling you, as a former Friday Night Failure... An Ex-Weekend Wallflower... the way for you to become that winner all lies in my Dating Secrets System.

And so Much More!

I'm Convinced. Sign Me Up. 



I can certainly see how you'd think that.

After all... this is the plan you've been waiting for your entire adult life.

More than a guide, it's a whole guided tour into the world of honest... ethical seduction.

Just a real mindset shift that - once utilized - allows...

even compels gorgeous, hot women to...

How much could that cost?

I think we both agree something that powerful would really be priceless.


I'll tell you exactly how much in a second but first let's talk about what it's not going to cost.

Recently one of the self-proclaimed “Pick Up Artist” marketers held a weekend field trip for a bunch of sad cases. How much did the weekend cost?

More than $5,000 per person, plus travel... plus hotel.

The results were pretty good too. Something like 80% of the guys got laid.

For five grand? Seriously?

LOL... I know how you can stay in your own town and get laid probably 10 times for less than that, without learning a thing about seduction first!

Plus... what about the other 20% who failed?

Imagine shelling out that much of your hard earned money to NOT get laid! Five grand to stand in a bar and get turned down by one woman after another.

Heck... you could stay home and do that for free!

Well, don't worry, because I wouldn't think of asking you for anything close to $5,000 for my Dating Secrets course. And you get so much more than a weekend of under-handed pickup tricks.

While other programs rely on these schemes, my Dating Secrets gets better results with...

Just the real deal truth on how to meet, talk to and develop deep sensual bonds with any type of woman.

And that's another great distinction...

The PUA masses rely largely on finding a certain “type” of woman. A loose woman... a damaged woman. Often, a totally shattered woman.

But... the program you're about to possess...

As a matter of fact my experience shows the smarter... more well adjusted woman... the girl some might call a “tough lay” responds just as favorably, if not more so to my methods.


Now... you could take a zero off that 5K price and you'd have to admit that's a great deal, right?

We both agree $500 in exchange for a lifetime of relationship power... sexual success... ultimate happiness... is really a deal and a half.

But Dating Secrets will not cost you anything close to that price either.

Hey... how about this?

How about I take another zero off that price?

Fifty bucks for the last course you'll ever need... how great is that? I see your eyes lighting up right now. Less than the cost of one unsuccessful night out not getting laid.

Great deal for sure, but I'll even go one better...

If you act now... and only on this page... you get the entire Dating Secrets course for one single payment of just $37.

And... even though the price is this crazy-low, you need to know deep down that your investment is safe...

That's why your purchase is fully backed by my unprecedented, risk-free two month guarantee...

You will be elated once you sign up for my Dating Secrets program.

The only program of its kind that doesn't rely on the meat market pickup. You know what I'm talking about...

Saturday nights at a club... lots of drinking... moral shields dropped...

The “one night stand” where she looks at you in the morning and thinks, “What have I done? This was a mistake!”

You'll never be stuck in that position because...

But... in order for it to work for you, there's one thing you must do.

You must sign up right now by choosing a package below.

Dating Secrets is new on the market. And frankly there is nothing else out there like it.

Every other program I've seen involve memorizing scripts... performing covert hypnosis... or just plain treating a woman like dirt.

Not only do I find those methods to be nasty, unfair, and borderline illegal, but they aren't even as effective as Dating Secrets.

I figure if I can make a big splash right out of the gate with Dating Secrets, maybe we can change the game. Maybe we can get enough guys to reject the nasty ways the pick up artists peddle. And maybe that will make a big statement.

It may never happen, but I need to know I tried.

So... if you come to this page in a few weeks and the Ultimate Edition is back up to the $97, you'll know the special is gone forever.

Please don't write me asking for an exception. I won't be able to do that. I have a deal in place with my affiliates and can not go back on it.

So please sign up right now.

I can't help you if you don't get the ball rolling first, unless you
Sign up for my Dating Secrets Ultimate Edition


It's like you're staring at two roads ahead...

One road leads you back to the same life you're living right now. Lonely nights... or being stuck dating girls that just aren't the super-sex-charged hotties you want.

Then there's that other road. The one that leads you to dating freedom... sexual fulfillment... happiness.

Which way you turn will effect the rest of your life. So what's it going to be?

The bumpy, pothole-filled road to the same old, same old... Or... the newly paved road to your brand new life?

You already know the answer. You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't.

So... sign up right now. I'll see you on the other side.

Sincerest wishes for your dating success,

Tony Sanders

P.S. -Remember... it doesn't matter how you look, how much you earn, or how big your muscles are. Dating Secrets will make other dudes want to be you... and make hot girls want to be with you. This isn't just a promise... It's guaranteed in writing!


So Sign Up Now By Clicking Here 

P.P.S. -Since I mentioned the guarantee, let me clarify... I don't want you to think there's a certain scenario that must take place in order for you to ask for your money back. Let me state as directly and clearly as I can...

If you sign up and are unhappy for any reason at all, just write me for a refund and you'll have every last penny of your money back in your hands within 72 hours. It's that easy!

Okay...I Don't Want To Wait A Minute Longer.
I Don't Want To Miss Out On The Special Package Price.

Sign Me Up, Tony!

P.P.P.S.- This is the last time I'll remind you. The low $37 price for the Ultimate Edition will go away very soon. If you click away now, you may never see it again.

Isn't it time you get confident? Isn't it time you get the girls? Isn't it time you sign up for Dating Secrets Ultimate Edition?

It's Time, Tony... My Time To Finally Get With The Program.
Time For Me To Control My Own Dating Destiny.
I'm Signing Up Now! 

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